Pictures of Yosemite in February

These shots are from a trip to Yosemite National Park in February 2003. These are all scans from prints.

We had been in December and March before and was expecting things to be very cold and snowy. However, we didn't really get any rain or snow in January, and it didn't snow in February until a week or so after we were there. So while it was cold a lot of the snow had melted. The upside was that the falls had a lot more water than they usually do this time of year due to all the snowmelt.

A very cooperative coyote. He was hanging out in this meadow and didn't mind people stopping their cars and watching as long as they didn't try to enter the meadow.

Rainbow in Upper Yosemite Falls. We were able to see rainbows in upper falls, lower falls, and bridalveil by using a little geometry and driving around a bit.

Very early in the morning at the base of lower falls. This is a pretty long exposure which smears out the flowing water but the rocks and ice are still so they stay crisp.

During sunset the light hits half dome in a nice way. This is actually just a handheld grab shot, I think from near the lodge, but I liked the way it came out.

Useful books:
The Yosemite Handbook : An Insider's Guide to the Park - this is our old standby by Phil Frank. It's basically a big FAQ covering a variety of topics.
Hiking Yosemite National Park - A Falcon Guide. Really nice, includes detailed maps including what happens with the elevation. My one problem with this book is that either the author is very tough or thinks she has something to prove or something because she rates hikes as easy that other writers rate much higher. Ignore the ratings and look at the distance/elevation and make your own judgement.

Frankly the way I do it is to look at the short descriptions in the first book, use his ratings and recommendations, but then turn to the second book for maps and details.

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