Pictures of Yosemite at Christmas

We spent a few days around Christmas 1998 in Yosemite National Park, mostly to go to the Bracebridge Dinner. I've broken this into two pages. The first is general interest Yosemite pictures, but I suspect only family members (and really bored strangers!) will want to hit next to see the more traditional Christmas pictures.

Picture of Yosemite Falls
Here's the view out the window of our room in the Ahwahnee Hotel. You can see upper Yosemite Falls. Not too shabby. If you're feeling lazy you can take pictures of Yosemite park without leaving the room. Depending on the time of day the falls would keep melting and freezing so it's always a little different.

Lower Yosemite Falls, in close.

. . . and here further out

Picture of El Capitan
El Capitan. Since there's nothing for the snow to stick to, it pretty much looks the same in winter as summer.

 Picture of Half Dome
Half Dome. Since there is snow up there, you can't climb it in the winter.

Picture of Ahwahnee
Ooooh, the pool at the Ahwahnee Hotel is so warm and toasty! Still, if you want Yosemite lodging with class this is the place to go. If you want to stay at the Ahwahnee you need to book way in advance (a year is best) and if you want to stay during Christmas you would use the same lottery form you would use to try to get into the Bracebridge dinner.

Picture of Bridalveil Falls route
If you've ever walked to Bridalveil Falls in the summer you probably think the bars are for real wimps. In the winter, this area is badly iced over and you pretty much have to pull yourself along.

Picture of Bridalveil Falls
Bridalveil Falls. As it warmed up huge chunks of ice would break off with a loud roar. Extremely impressive!

The slushy water from Bridalveil Falls.

The sunset just after evening services on Christmas.

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