Pictures of Tidepools

This is from our visit to Asilomar State Beach on 1/30/2003. This was something of an experiment because I mostly used my regular film camera but I also brought one of those digital camcorders that will take still pictures onto a memory stick. They're only a megapixel, but that's plenty of data to make a decent web image. Since then I've purchased a fancy digital SLR and its a moot point.

All of these first few pictures are from the camcorder.

Starfish and an anemone. I don't have a circular polarizer for this camera because they're backordered at all the usual places in this size. With the circular polarizer I could have dropped out the reflection on the water.

These poor anemones were looking great a few seconds before, until another wave came in and doused them with sand.

These ones were pretty much high and dry so they've closed up until the water comes back. Note that they cover themselves with bits of shell and rock which generally protects them and keeps the sun off and so forth.

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