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In July 2001 we headed down to San Diego for the weekend to visit the zoo and wild animal park.  The wild animal park has a cool program (the "Photo Caravan Tour") where you can reserve a spot on a truck that actually drives into their enclosures.  They're mostly in the "business" of breeding endangered animals, but apparently this program covers the food bill.  (The usual way of visiting the encosures involves a tram, which is interesting but not nearly as cool.) If you want to take pictures of endangered species, or pictures of big game animals, and don't want to travel to Africa this is probably your best bet.

Here's one of the trucks.  You can also get a bit of a feeling for the size of the area.  They have enclosures into which you could put the entire San Diego Zoo.

You get very close to the animals.  I believe at this point Elisabeth is attempting to convince the giraffe that she is out of giraffe snacks.

Rhinos like apples.  The smaller grey shape below the rhino is a baby rhino.

Sorry about the flare, but I really like this shot anyway.  This was a baby giraffe who was a lot easier to deal with compared to the larger older giraffes.

Makulu Giraffe As an aside, is this a cool poster or what? You can buy it at

This rhino is such a little baby that he's still pink on the under side.  You can see momma's feet on the right which provides a bit of scale. I don't know of any other way in which you could take a picture of a baby rhino.

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