This is a little different from the other pictures. This is actually from a return trip to the Aquarium in April for a sneak preview of the new Jellies as Art exhibit (now open to the public). I wasn't sure if we could get in, or if it would be cool, or what so I had some pretty minimal camera stuff but I did have a monopod and was able to get some decent pictures. Since this was my first visit with a monopod there are also some shots from other areas, and the results are clearly superior to the days when I was handholding with or without fast film. These are all scans from prints.

Update: I've been substituting better pictures over time from later trips.

This is an upside down jelly - except this one is rightside up! Usually they kind of hang out at the bottom of the tank with their tendrils sticking up but sometimes one scoots around. The background is a combination of other jellies and black glass. For this exhibit they've gone all out to make the jellies look cool, not necessarily as they would be found in nature. The tanks actually have picture frames around them. Jellies as art, get it?

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