These are just some assorted pictures from 2003, all taken with a Canon 10D digital SLR. It's my first digital SLR so I'm still getting used to the workflow. Since this page is a work-in-progress it will change often and when it has a lot of pictures it may be slow to load unless you have a fast connection. Modem users please bear with me!

I've started arranging the pictures so the most recent images are first!

I'm not sure why my lemon tree decided it was necessary to bloom in December, but it did.

It's a summer thing. Goats are busy all over the region clearing fire hazards. They do a great job, don't pollute, don't accidentally start fires (machines spark; goats don't), and are kind of cute in an oddball way. The only problem is when they do it in the hills near the 580 freeway it tends to slow traffic.

At the KFOG Kaboom! which is a free fireworks display a local radio station has been putting on for 10 years now. That's the San Francisco skyline - the dots sweeping up in the lower right area is part of the bay bridge. This was taken from across the bay (near the USS Hornet for folks who know the area). It's about a four second exposure.

What's weird about this shot is that it wasn't taken with a long lens. The beggar birds at Lake Merritt include some odd choices like this black crowned night heron. They're used to people so I was able to get very close with a very fast lens to blur the background which mostly consists of chain link fence, pigeons, ugly rocks, etc.

This is a fountain at Mills College that I like a lot. You'll see a shot or two of it elsewhere on the site. Basically every time I walk by it with a camera I grab a shot or two, and they're always different. Some day I'll have to sit there and take a couple of hundred and pick the best one!

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