These are just some assorted pictures from 2002.These are all scans from prints.

Yes, the gull is drooling. Hayward Shoreline.

Where there are birds there tend to be cats.

Mallard duckling in a pond. He should be a little further back in the frame but these things moved darn quick!

Just a grab shot on the way home, but I like it.

This little guy is a baby golden eagle in his nest. He's mostly gone from fuzz to real feathers, except his head isn't quite done yet. I took this with a 400mm lens, plus a 2x and a 1.4x teleconverter all stacked together. In other words, I'm not anywhere near the nest. I think it came out pretty well considering.

This guy was at the Berkeley Kite Festival.

I've been trying to sneak up on the hummingbirds that hang out in some bushes around my house. This is full-frame - it isn't cropped at all.

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