These are just some assorted pictures from 1997 to 1999 that I thought might be of some interest. Just ignore the ones of family members if you don't know who they are.

Picture of pool at Hearst Castle
One of the indoor pools at Hearst Castle.

Picture of Stearman
Eddie Andreini at an airshow at the Hayward Airport. This is a classic airshow routine with several variations. The basic concept is you get some people to hold the poles, and you fly under, or break the streamer while inverted, or anything else that might be crowd pleasing. The plane is a highly modified Stearman.

Picture of house
Just a house I really liked in the historic district of Lawrence, KS in 1998.

Columbia, CA. This guy looks remarkably like my father-in-law, but of course it cannot be him because he hates having his picture taken and I would never take a picture of him without him knowing it.

My wife's Aunt Pat at my wife's graduation.

My wife receiving her doctoral hood from her advisor, Dr. Brad Moore. Does he look proud or what? I'm very proud of this shot because I'm nowhere near the action, desperately trying to capture just the right moment with a long lens - and a much more primitive long lens than I have now!.

Picture of Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge, seen from San Francisco on the bay side. It's fun to take Golden Gate Bridge pictures because it looks a fair amount different from various angles, and there are lots of angles you can take pictures from between various islands, San Francisco, the Marin side, and the east bay. Then you add in various times of day, if its sunny or foggy, and it's a full time job just to take Golden Gate Bridge pics.

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