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Unlike the rest of my trips, I feel the urge to justify this one. Las Vegas? For Christmas? Is Christmas the best time to play poker? Well, we've developed a recent tradition of going somewhere else for Christmas. It's nice to be in a big hotel, with room service and just immediate family. It makes for a worry free (no cooking! no mess! no cleanup!) and rather intimate get-together. (Update: This got old after a few years) Obviously Las Vegas has plenty of big hotels, most of the family had never been, there are things in the area we wanted to see, it seemed like a nicer time of year than the heat of the summer, and we could see one of a couple of Cirque du Soleil productions playing at the time. It took a little while to get used to the idea, but it just made sense.

Picture of Hoover Dam
Here's a picture of Hoover Dam. I took a ton of pictures of Hoover Dam but this one's at kind of an unusual angle. We went on the hard hat tour, which was very well done and worth the extra money. Note that with recent events they totally eliminated tours for a while and the last I checked they had moved more information to the top of the dam but you can't go inside anymore. Anyway, my wife's grandfather did some of the design work and is (briefly) in the film in the visitor center which added a little extra something.

Turbine shafts at Hoover Dam. These things are whirring around at great speed making a tremendous sound, even through earplugs (they gave out earplugs as part of the tour).

I take a lot of pictures of signs, but until now have not put any on the website because other people don't seem to find them to be as amusing as I do.

Look! We're in Paris! Something like that, anyway.

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