Pictures of Venice

Here are my pictures of Venice, Italy from our May 2001 trip. This is page one of two.

Picture of Gondola
Pictures of gondolas in Venice, Italy are something of a cliché, but what the heck. It really is amazing how you can step into Venice, see a scene like this, and you know you're not in Kansas anymore! We didn't take a gondola, but it's impossible not to take a boat of some form while in Venice. Well, OK, you could do it but it's a lot of work!

Picture of Rialto bridge
Here's the Rialto bridge by day. It's one of just a couple of large bridges that cross the Grand Canal. I think I took this on the vaporetto (it's a boat, it's a bus, it's the best value in Venice).

Picture of Rialto bridge
And here it is again at night. I suspect you can find a ton of photos of the Rialto bridge out there, certainly it's a favorite subject of painters.

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