Pictures of Italy

These are all scanned pictures from our trip to Italy in May 2001. This is page one of two of the Italy pictures.

Picture of Assisi, Italy
This is in Assisi overlooking the Basilica of St. Francis.  It was a little hazy but still a lovely view. Assissi was our first real stop in Italy and it's a wonderful small town, very pretty, enough things to do but you can still take it easy while you're dealing with jet lag.

Picture of Arno River, Florence, Italy
The Arno river, Florence, Italy.  I don't carry a tripod while traveling so the camera was supported mostly by the stone wall on the side of the bridge.

Picture of St. Marks Square, Venice, Italy
St. Mark's Square, Venice Italy. This child was tragically eaten by pigeons before our very eyes. It's not only easy to take pictures of Venice, it's also easy to take pictures in Venice. There's always something interesting happening. If you like people watching, it's just amazing. Anyway, if you're looking for something more traditional like pictures of boats in Venice I've broken those out in my Venice, Italy Pictures page.

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