Pictures of Ireland

These are all scanned pictures of Ireland from our trip to Ireland in 1998, with some scenic pictures of Ireland, pictures of people in Ireland, and some odds and ends. Note that this is part one.

This is an elevator they retrofitted into a stairwell in the National Gallery of Ireland. We got in and rode it to the top simply because it's cool, and some schoolkids in the elevator started looking more and more guilty for no obvious reason. Finally we got to the staff only level and stopped. We kind of looked at each other, and we asked, "Are you getting off?". They shook their heads no. "Well, neither are we" and we pressed the down button. Suddenly they became very relieved!

No real story here, I just liked these carvings a lot. If you are at all interested in this sort of thing, or much much older stone carvings Ireland is amazing.

This is a view from the top of Blarney castle as well as an alternate. When I first went to Ireland as a kid, we rushed up, kissed the stone, and rushed down. I was really upset that we didn't have time to explore the cool castle and its grounds. This time we arrived early, before the tour busses, and had as much time as we liked. For me the contrasting experiences really sum up what I don't like about traveling with tour groups.

Wild foxglove. This stuff is growing all over the Dingle Peninsula. We'd intended to spend maybe one night in Dingle and ended up staying I think for three nights (each morning just telling the B&B owner we'd like to stay another night if she had room, which she did.)

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