Pictures of How Berkeley Can You Be Parade

These are pictures from the How Berkeley Can You Be parade, September 30th 2001. This is part one - people. There is also a part two - art cars.

This parade is something of a copy of the Duda parade in Pasadena, CA which was in response to the Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA. It basically consists of three parts. First is a procession of people, floats, bands, and so forth. Second a couple of dozen "art cars" drive by. And third there's a festival at a local park where you can see the cars up close and they have the usual food, music, and so forth. Since this was just a couple of weeks after September 11th the Berkeley pro-peace-at-any-cost folks were out in force but other than that I think it was pretty typical for this kind of event.

My memory fails me as to if these were dancers or protesters or what. But part of the experience is that people go by, and you have no idea who they are or if it's an organized group or what, and maybe somebody is handing out flyers but they got left behind so they're three floats back so you're never sure what flyer belongs to what float, and meanwhile the fashion police are writing up a ticket (don't ask) and you've been distracted. . . So to give you some flavor of the parade, I present the "People who look interesting but I have no idea who they are."

The story here is that this guy is moving along, and there's a couch further back with three more guys. One of them has a remote control, and the end table with the telephone is zipping around and ringing occasionally. Very funny.

I seem to recall that this was the Hare Krisna contingent.

This is at the festival. Bubbles!

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