Pictures of Paris

These are all scanned pictures of Paris, France from our trip to France in 1999. This is page one of two.

Typically when we first arrive in a city we don't make a lot of plans, especially if it's a day with a lot of travel. When we arrived in Paris we had to drive there, get rid of the car at the airport, and take public transit to our hotel (which involved a bus and the metro, and we had to buy tickets for each plus pick up a museum pass while we were in the metro station). We didn't know how long all that would take, and as it turns out it went very quickly and we had a fair amount of time. So we thought we might as well wander around a bit and check out the Eiffel Tower and check it off our list. For some reason when you return everybody asks if you visited the Eiffel Tower and it's a lot easier if you can just say yes! This is mostly a picture of the line to go up. Unfortunately there was no vantage point that would allow capturing the whole line, let alone each line going up different legs, but you get the idea. Be prepared to wait!

We went up into the tower which has a nice view, especially if you like gargoyles. Here's an interesting contrast between the old and the new. Going up into the tower was our first use of the museum pass. Not only did it get us in free, but we got to skip the line. There's not a huge line to go up into the tower but it takes longer than you might think because of all the people with museum passes skipping in front of you. This pass later saved us a couple of hours getting into the Louvre. I have to give Rick Steves credit for this; I wouldn't have known about them otherwise. I met folks in Paris who had waited in several museum lines for several hours before they asked somebody how in the world they were special enough to not wait in line. They were pretty disgusted once they realized how much time they'd wasted for nothing.

This is a little park near our hotel. I included it just to show that there are quiet places in Paris. Victor Hugo's house is one of those red buildings in the background.

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