All of these predate March, 2003

Travel Photos: These are photos and short text descriptions of some of our trips.

Western US Parks 2002 - Grand Canyon - Petrified Forest - Mesa Verde - Arches -
  Yellowstone (critters) - Yellowstone (geothermal) - Yellowstone (Views)
San Diego in July 2001
Italy in May 2001 and Venice, Italy in May 2001
Las Vegas for Christmas 2000
Alaska in May 2000
France in August 1999 and Paris, France in August 1999
Ireland in June 1998
Quebec in September 1997
Photos of Places and Events in Northern California: These are photos and short text descriptions of places and events that are more or less nearby.
Asilomar tidepools in 2003 and some pictures along the coast
Año Nuevo State Reserve in 2003
Blue Angels at Fleet Week San Francisco 2002
Monterey in 2002 - Monterey Aquarium - Surfers - Jellies as Art
How Berkeley Can You Be parade 2001
Moffett Field Air Expo 2001 and 2002 and 2003
Alcatraz in August 2001
Yosemite February 2003 and November 2002 and April 2002 and Christmas 1998
Angel Island, assorted dates

Other Photos: I used to put a lot of random pictures up, before going almost entirely over to shots relating to a trip or event.
Other Pictures - 2003 (Actually post March 2003 but didn't really fit on the main page)
Other Pictures - 2002
Other pictures 2000-2001
Other pictures 1997-1999
Other pictures 1994-1996
Other pictures 1991-1993

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