Pictures of Año Nuevo

This is from our visit to Año Nuevo State Reserve 1/18/2003. This is something of an experiment because I mostly used my regular film camera but I also brought one of those digital camcorders that will take still pictures onto a memory stick. They're only a megapixel, but that's plenty of data to make a decent web image. I put up a few of those initially and when my film finally came back I made some additions and substitutions because the results are better (fancy lens, better technique on my part, etc.) These days I have a digital SLR so its a moot point.

We had the first tour out in the morning, which meant even though it was a sunny day it was just getting how and we had a lot of activity relative to later in the day (when they get hot they don't move around much). However, it was hot enough that in between bursts of activity they would shower themselves with dirt to help keep cool.

These are the biggest slugs you'll ever see. Notice all the scars on his back! This was pretty typical of the males.

The babies are very cute! We went during breeding season, which is an interesting time, but you have to have reservations and be toured around by a docent. This is because the males weigh about as much as my Honda Accord and they move faster than you would think and there's still a lot of domination games going on.

Another head shot.

Here are some of the gals, which look more like "regular" seals.

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